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I TOO HAVE TEARS (Sunday in the Bay)

The corpse wanted to talk with you
On a summer weekend afternoon,
He planned it so.
Then the drive into the tunnel,
Switch on your lights.
After the tunnel,
The vista of bay meeting open sea,
Roll down the window for a minute,
Let the words fly into the wind
Until there is an unbridgeable chasm                    © Ashok Niyogi, 2005
Between two car seats.                                           (all rights reserved)
These sunlit days will make you sad
After they have gone,
Memories will gasp
At the futility of words,
The baggage we carry,
All the things we do not know,
Except that we have to have
Our seatbelts on.
The sun will shine into your eyes,
Put on your shades,
Behind the shades eyes will well up,
But friend, donít you cry,
I too have tears.

Extract from Ashok's poem 'I Too Have Tears'

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