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unheardwords - breathe life too - collinie Weeratung

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Breathe Life Too

My familiar self has vanished

and I'm left alone with a stranger,

who doesn't know how to live this strange life.

Everyday I pass a thousand faces

never once a smile I meet.

It seems like I am seeking my vanished self in every path I tread.

This is not the opportunity

there is no happiness, nor warmth at heart

everything's frozen and unapproachable people, lives, days, smiles.

Why does it have to be so?

Where has it all gone wrong?

Where is the lover and the poet?

How shall I start to put it right?

I want to travel back in time

to those happier days

where there were pastel hues

and a radiant woman read poetry

carefree as a gentle breeze admirer of beautiful life.

Let me have those days

let me trade them for all I have,

If only I could hold them on the palm of my hand

bring the past to the present my life lived

my days gone by...

© Collinie H Weeratunga, published 2005 (all rights reserved)