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Featured: Dear Community

Dear Community,

I am anxious about your prospects but I write in a mood that retains some optimism because any other course would be too miserable to contemplate.

I write with hope, not full of or bursting at the seams with,
just the hope I’m managing to hold on to.
Still, it’s enough. Any amount of hope, no matter how small, is sufficient as a foundation on which to build.

I want to believe this.  I do believe this.

Even though I wish I had a greater sense of you and often find myself wondering about the elements of your existence.

I crave a greater knowledge because this may grant me a better understanding,
of you (of my self).

If I knew you completely, I might know the question.

If I understood you, the answer would be clearer.

I would know what to say to help.

I would know more about the role I should play.

Instead, I keep losing my way, as the bigger picture opens out before me and I become confused by the humanity of its scale.

I’m close to stopping, then.

Though on reflection, I kick myself, shake off the dust clouding my vision,
regroup my weary brain cells and begin again.

I set out from a more familiar place.

It starts with me after all,  doesn’t it?  I am one of you.

If I can understand myself, then surely I can understand and address you.

I want to say how proud I am, of all the things you’ve achieved.

Your persistence is my (our) triumph.

Your success, though at times it must have felt like pure pain, lives on
-in like hearts and grateful minds.

Heads can be held high because of the restrictions you lifted.

I want to say, at the same time,  I’m sad.

I think the loans taken out as down payments on collective futures
weigh heavy on our souls.

Some folks struggle to pay off their portion of that debt,

with interest calculated in high rates of fragmented lives.

Most of all, I want to herald an ongoing sense of positive spirit,

passion, persistence and endless opportunity.

What you started has so much civil right it inspires determined pursuit.

So I must strive to find my role and redouble my efforts to serve you all.

©Everton Coles, April 2008 (all rights reserved)