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Unheardwords - room number six Collinie Hareendra Weeratunga

Classic Featured Poetry

Room Number Six

Foreword: Pain is rooted like a tree. The pain of my beloved reaches as far as the road reaches. Your eyes were once soft, but your pain is now a stone statue behind your soft eyes.

This is the room where

they spoke about many things under the sun.

He loved her sweet prattle

she adored his underlying toughness,

they found in each other

food for their aching minds.

This is the room where

he would smoke cigars,

one after another,

seeing her in each puff of curling smoke,

and think of her,

her smile and touch

her lip buds and skin so soft.

This is the room

where he sipped at his tea,

wrote all his papers,

and read many books

discovering in each line,

that she was the meaning to his life.

This is the room

that is private and dark as his soul,

in this room number six

lies the mission and foundation to his goal,

here-in are whispers and secrets

lying hidden never to be told.

Afterthought: There came the time when all things stopped. I waited for the water to fall but no water fell for a long time. It stopped completely. Flat land seems flat forever.

© Collinie Hareendra Weeratunga, published 2006 (all rights reserved)